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Got questions? Email [email protected] for assistance.

We’re glad you found us! Please provide some information below to become a member of our Village. We are so much more than a meet-up group!

Prospective members receive a free 90-day trial membership.

As a prospective member, you can enjoy the best of the benefits that South Florida MoMs has to offer, such as:

Club events: Club-hosted events (either free or low cost) for the whole family held throughout the year

Playdates: Frequent and varied playdates for kids of all ages

Moms’ Nights

Quarterly General Meetings: Meetings for South Florida MoMs members are held at least once per quarter with varied educational topics geared toward the interests of our current members.

Online support: Members-only Facebook page for 24-hour access to humor, advice and support, as well as a closed Buy-Sell-Trade page.

We are a 501(c)3 organization and are registered with the State of Florida.

All information provided is for internal club use only and will never be shared without your permission. Please be as complete as possible to help us manage our membership records effectively. Please note: due to expenses paid on members’ behalf, dues are non-refundable. 

Personal Information
Family Details
Children Details
Advertising & Soliciting
We strive to use our e-groups(FB, for support, education and club business only. We want to keep our Facebook group free from advertisements, solicitation and spam. Marketing or advertising of businesses is not allowed, without board approval. Advertising opportunities are available (1) via newsletter ads, which will also include advertising on the website (2) partnering with CSMOMS in a fundraising capacity which will be advertised and promoted. If any advertising or spam is posted without board approval, it will be removed from the site. If you are interested in advertising opportunities please email our Director of Communications at [email protected].
Club hosted events will be posted by a board member and titled “CSMOMS EVENT”. These are events specifically hosted, sponsored and organized by the Executive Board i.e. Halloween Party, Theatre Tickets, Vendor Fair, Consignment Sale, Breakfast in the Park, etc.
Member Events
We encourage members to post events they are attending or hosting. When posting an event, please include all pertinent information including age range, costs and attire (if necessary). The member posting the event does not have to be present unless the event is in their home. While we encourage members to create events, please limit changes or cancellation to the event unless it is absolutely necessary, in order to avoid confusion.
Member Respect
Please be respectful of others. We're here to have fun and support each other! Do not engage in negative or judgmental comments. Do not post things out of anger or frustration. Keep things upbeat and light! Be gracious and be kind! If you are not happy with someone’s comment or post, use your Private Message feature or email/phone them privately. It does not belong on our group’s site and will be removed. Appropriate action may be taken for any improper use of the e-groups, including, but not limited to, forfeiture of membership.
Social Media Consent/Release Form For News Media, Promotional Materials, Written Articles, Research and/or Photographs
Plain English version: CSMOMS frequently posts pictures from events in both private and public media, usually but not limited to Facebook and on our website, and as such, we request your permission to use these photos as we deem appropriate. CSMOMS will never sell or use event photos inappropriately. This release does NOT apply to members' personal photos. Members will be notified when they or their family’s images will be used, and where. CSMOMS will not post personal information, children’s full names or details that are not specifically related to the purpose of the media, with the exception of tagging members on Facebook. If you don’t want your family to appear on our public Facebook, website or other potential media, please do not participate in group photos.
Formal version for legal purposes: I hereby authorize Coral Springs Mothers of Multiples, Inc. (CSMOMS) to use my and/or my family’s photo and/or basic general information related to my/our experiences with CSMOMS. I understand this information may be used in various publications, including electronic publications, audiovisual presentations, promotional literature, advertising, community presentations, and media and/or other similar ways, including tags on Facebook. CSMOMS will attempt to disclose to me, where appropriate, the specific information and/or photo to be used prior to release in the social media. My consent is freely given as a public service to CSMOMS, without expecting payment. I release CSMOMS and their respective board members, officers and agents from any and all liability which may arise from the use of such news media stories, promotional materials, written articles, videotape and/or photographs. Should I choose to revoke this request, I will notify CSMOMS in writing, and CSMOMS will make every reasonable attempt to accommodate my request, however, I understand that my/my family’s presence in group photos from events may deem my request impossible to fulfill and, further, if I have any hesitation about our inclusion, I agree that my family should abstain from being in group photos.