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March 03 2019

Spring Has Sprung So Let’s Have Some Fun!

Written by CSMOMs Member Leigh Steidle (Leigh Bee)

I don’t know about you, but vibrant colors always lift my spirits and make me giddy!! Lol. For real though…it makes my heart happy to see my kiddos engage in fun and meaningful play. Below I’ve provided some activities and experiments that range from Tabies (is not a baby but not a toddler yet) through upper elementary. 


Pom Pop Soup-Let your child explore sensory play with Pom Pom soup. A simple idea of pom poms, water, sensory bin, maybe some cups to scoop or transfer from one bucket to another.

Water Scoop and Pour-Relax and enjoy a hot cup of coffee (we all know it’s cold) while your child has endless fun scooping up toys and pouring them into another container.

Toy Push-My two have easily kept themselves occupied for a good amount of time with this activity. Two materials needed: wipe box and and small toys. Model and show your taby how to push the toys into the hole of the container.


Fizzing Rainbow-Let your toddler explore and discover their new world around them with this fun and colorful stem activity.

Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

Dino Dig Excavation Activity

Primary Color Mixing-Have your little one start experiment with mixing colors, observing the different colors when mixed together, and discuss their observations.

Color Changing Flower Experiment-The perfect spring activity to do with your littles. This is a great experiment for preschool to early elementary age, specifically when discussing how plants drink water.

Primary Elementary

Surprise Egg Eruptions-This is great activity with Easter right around the corner.

Rain Cloud in a Jar-A fun way to explore the rain system. This activity enables your child to see how rain saturates the clouds and seeps through just as real rain falls.

Primary or Intermediate

Walking Water-Engage your child with water play and science. This water rainbow allows your child to see how water is pulled upward similar to how water travels up a plant’s roots.

Leak Proof Science Bag-This activity will wow both you and your child while learning about molecules!

Lava Lamp Experiment-This is an “oldie, but goodie” science experiment that’s fun to make and ties in elements of science too.

Salt Crystal Feathers-As a child, I always loved the fun shimmery rocks…all the glitter, and the shiniest of things! What’s more fun than making your own crystal feather? And with what, you ask? Salt! For children in early and upper elementary you can also discuss the process or water evaporation and molecules. Fun stuff!

Raised Salt Painting-This activity can really be used for any age level with more/less adult support based on your child’s age.

Enjoy the fun, embrace the mess, and make ALL the memories!