Leigh’s Corner: Summer

May 29 2021

“Summer time and the livin’s easy.” Ha! Except when you have kids! I kid, but in all seriousness. Summertime is a time to relax with the kiddos and do all the fun things, but who’s planning ALL THE THINGS? Well, YOU of course. See below for some summer fun that you can sit back and relax with coffee in hand!

Taby (Not quite a baby and not yet a toddler.)
Pouring Station Outside in the yard is great place for this activity. If it’s a super hot day, you can add ice!

-under the bed storage tub containers
-food coloring

35 Amazing Water Table Activities This website is great. So many ideas if you have a water table, big container, or mud kitchen….bath tub would work too. A few that stood out to me were:

-Letter Table: grab a scooper or spatula and scoop out foam alphabet letters. -Water Table and Funnels
-Vegetable Washing
Water and Shaving Cream


Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

DIY Water Wall This project may require more prep and set up, but could lend itself to hours of backyard fun throughout the summer. This would be a great activity for Tabies too!

Field Day

Egg Race: Wooden Spoon and hard boiled egg, plastic egg, or wooden egg
Three-legged race
-Sack race (Using pillow cases)

Primary Elementary (K-2)
Outdoor Fizzy Sidewalk Paint A fun Science and Art activity for your little ones.

Intermediate Elementary (3-5) Solar Oven

DIY Kite-Outdoor Stem For Kids

Ice Cream in a Bag

*Below are some links from one of my favorite blogs, Little Bins for Little

Hands, which include many of the activities from above: