My Name is More Than MOM!

January 14 2019

Written by Gail Wilson, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist of MGS Counseling and Therapy

“My Name is More Than Mom”. Some moms have talked about losing themselves in the name mom. When asked what they do, they would answer I’m a stay at home mom. When asked about what interest they have it would be kid related. Every conversation would go back to the topic of kids and mom related conversations. How they have lost friends who can’t relate to the life of being a mom.

This topic has been in the air for some time now and many do not know how to verbalize how they feel without it going back to motherhood. Which then makes them feel guilty about bringing it up because that the exact problem.

Well it’s important that you want to take pride in all that you do and want to share in your achievements. As long as we remember that we are more than one defining thing in our lives. As we all spoke it was funny to see prior to kinds each lady could share how she defined herself differently. The different areas that defined them as a woman, wife, sister, daughter, professional and etc. Yet everything changed once children came in the picture.

So as a group we came up with some tools to assist everyone in remembering and maintaining the person they want to see all the time.

  1. Journaling- this is to help get out emotions that could bring confusion. This can help get clarity in different areas they get caught up in everyday life.
  2. Date Night- Having a night they take themselves on a date and reconnect with the woman inside.
  3. Achievements- Acknowledging achievements that happen that are not just kid related.
  4. Support- Talking with your significant other about how they could assist you so everything is not just on you. (Ex. Chores, conferences, sport activities etc.) Many of my moms are the ones who participated in all the activities which make them in mom mindset all the time.
  5. Name- Having other people in your close circle address you first and not your children. Also calling you by your name and not saying “So mom how are the kids doing” or “Mom would you like the baby to have one”. Each woman had a name before having the name mom

Republished with Permission