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Leigh’s Corner

March 03 2019

Spring Has Sprung So Let’s Have Some Fun! Written by CSMOMs Member Leigh Steidle (Leigh Bee) I don’t know about you, but vibrant colors always lift my spirits and make me giddy!! Lol. For real though…it makes my heart happy to see my kiddos engage in fun and meaningful play. Below I’ve provided some activities …

Mom’s Night In: Game Night

March 02 2019

South Florida MoMs know how to do a Mom’s Night! Q: What do you get when you put 12 super funny MoMs in a house with NO KIDS and lots of delicious food & drinks, and then throw in a well-know anti-PC card game? A: Side-splitting laughs, questionable google searches and catch phrases that will …

Am I a Candidate for a VBAC?

February 12 2019

Dr. Delisa Skeete Henry answers the popular question… Am I a candidate for a VBAC? So for whatever reason you have just delivered via a cesarean section! Few women truly anticipate having a cesarean section especially if they have prepared for a vaginal delivery. A cesarean delivery is potentially always a possibility even to the …

Summer Camp Prep: Get Ready for Fun!

February 03 2019

Written by Amanda Foster, South Florida MoMs Member It is hard to believe that summer is just around the corner when most of the country is still dealing with cold temperatures and snowy conditions.  Perhaps thinking about summer camp prep will warm some of you up! Summer camp is a time for our twins to …

My Name is More Than MOM!

January 14 2019

Written by Gail Wilson, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist of MGS Counseling and Therapy “My Name is More Than Mom”. Some moms have talked about losing themselves in the name mom. When asked what they do, they would answer I’m a stay at home mom. When asked about what interest they have it would be …